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Benedict Crowell & Robert Forrest Wilson, How America Went to War, 1st Edition, 6 Vols

A Comprehensive, Industrial
History of America in the Great War 


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Benedict Crowell and  Robert Forrest Wilson’s How America Went to War, in 1st Edition, 6 Volumes.

Benedict Crowell and Robert Forrest Wilson took on the monumental job of combing through millions of documents to tell the remarkable story of how the United States went from agrarian economy to military industrial giant in less then two years.

The work of the War Industries Board and its associated organizations, such as the United States Shipping Board and the Purchasing Commission, is a story of government response to crisis, but it is also the story of the industrial might of the land just beginning to stretch its arms. The set covers: mobilization and control of industry and natural resources; the transportation of troops and military supplies; the manufacture of munitions for a world in arms; and demobilization after the armistice.

Crowell and Wilson demonstrate that the story of World War I is not just the story of doughboys at the front, but the story of the whole nation pitching in and revolutionizing the national economy.

Set in very good condition; tight with spine labels; light rubbing and dusting.

Crowell, Benedict and Wilson, Robert. HOW AMERICA WENT TO WAR: AN ACCOUNT FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES OF THE NATION’S WAR ACTIVITIES 1917-1920. 1st edition; 6 volumes; over 1800 pages; photos; maps; plates.