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Benjamin Thomas, Abraham Lincoln: A Biography, Ltd. Ed., Signed

A Concise, Highly-Readable Narrative
A Classic in Lincoln Literature


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Benjamin Thomas’ Abraham Lincoln: A Biography is a Lincoln classic; wonderfully written, and memorable. This is collector’s copy of this “essential” Lincoln biography.

It takes an incisive look at one of American history’s greatest figures. This eloquent account rises above previously romanticized depictions of the sixteenth president to reveal the real Lincoln: a complex, shrewd, and dynamic individual whose exceptional life has long intrigued the public.

Thomas traces the president from his hardscrabble beginnings and early political career, through his years as an Illinois lawyer and his presidency during the Civil War. Although Lincoln is appropriately placed against the backdrop of the dramatic times in which he lived, the author’s true focus is on Lincoln the man and his intricate personality. While Thomas pays tribute to Lincoln’s many virtues and accomplishments, he is careful not to dramatize a persona already larger than life in the American imagination. Instead he presents a candid and balanced representation that provides compelling insight into Lincoln’s true character and the elements that forged him into an extraordinary leader. Thomas portrays Lincoln as a man whose conviction, resourcefulness, and inner strength enabled him to lead the nation through the most violent crossroads in its history.

Thomas’ direct, readable narrative is concise while losing none of the crucial details of Lincoln’s remarkable life. The volume’s clarity of style makes it accessible to beginners, but it is complex and nuanced enough to interest longtime Lincoln scholars. After more than half a century, Abraham Lincoln: A Biography is still an essential source for anyone interested in learning more about the many facets of the sixteenth president, and it remains the definitive single-volume work on the life of an American legend.

Excellent; unopened.

Benjamin Thomas. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A BIOGRAPHY. New York: 1952. Ltd. ed., 233/500, signed. 548, xii(1)p.; t.e.g.; attached draw ribbon; deckled edges; slipcase.

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