Bruce Catton, The Centennial History of the Civil War, 3 vols, 1st eds, Signed


Signed by Bruce Catton AND Pete Long!

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Bruce Catton’s The Centennial History of the Civil War, is an unparalleled and compelling history of the Civil War by the finest pure writer of his age.

Volume 1 is inscribed and signed by Catton’s researcher E. B. “Pete” Long (“Yours in research”); Volume 2 inscribed and signed by Catton and signed by Long; Volume 3 signed by Catton and Long.

All volumes excellent; dust jackets intact (one very small tear only).  Collected by a gentleman who had known both Catton and Long personally.

Catton, Bruce. THE CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR: THE COMING FURY; TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD; NEVER CALL RETREAT.  Garden City: 1961-65.  1st eds., 3 vols., maps.  map eps.