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Charles Scribner’s Sons published these fine, concise histories of the various important campaigns of the Civil War between 1881 and 1887.

These volumes are important in that they are among the first to utilize the official records of the Union and Confederate armies, then being edited by the War Department. Further, most are written by a participant in the action described. As such, they are at once carefully analyzed history from primary sources and recollections of combatants.

Most occupy important places in the early historiography of the campaigns. John G. Nicolay. The Outbreak of the Rebellion (orig. 1881). 226p. Introduction by Gary Gallagher. M. F. Force. From Fort Henry to Corinth (orig. 1881). 204p. Introduction by Allen C. Guelzo. Alexander S. Webb. The Peninsula (orig. 1881). 219p. Introduction by William F. Howard. John C. Ropes. The Army Under Pope (orig. 1881). 229p. Introduction by William Alan Blair. F. W. Palfrey. The Antietam Campaign and Fredericksburg (orig. 1882). 228p. Introduction by A. Wilson Greene. Abner Doubleday. Chancellorsville and Gettysburg (orig. 1886). 243p. Introduction by Richard A. Sauers. Henry M. Cist. The Army of the Cumberland (orig. 1882). 289p. Introduction by Peter Cozzens. F. V. Greene. The Mississippi (orig. 1882). 276p. Introduction by Terrence J. Winschel. Jacob D. Cox. Atlanta (orig. 1882). 274p. Introduction by Richard M. McMurry. Jacob D. Cox. The March to the Sea Franklin and Nashville (orig. 1882). 265p. Introduction by Nat C. Hughes. George E. Pond. The Shenandoah Valley in 1864 (orig. 1883). 287p. Introduction by Jeffrey D. Wert. A. A. Humphreys. The Virginia Campaign of 1864 and 1865 (orig. 1883). 451p. with extra maps. Introduction by Chris Calkins. Frederick Phisterer. Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States (orig. 1883). 343p. Introduction by Peter Carmichael. James Russell Soley. The Blockade and the Cruisers (orig. 1887). 266p. Introduction by Gary W. Gallagher. Daniel Ammen. The Atlantic Coast (orig. 1883). 273p. Introduction by Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr. A. T. Mahan. The Gulf and the Inland Waters (orig. 1883). 267p. Introduction by William Alan Blair.

All volumes in excellent condition; practically as new.

Charles Scribner’s Sons. CAMPAIGNS OF THE CIVIL WAR. New York: 1881 – 1883. Wilmington: Broadfoot, 1989. 16 volumes. Reprint.

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