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Chicago Fire Pamphlet, The Doomed City, 1871 Michigan News Company

The Doomed City! Chicago During an Appalling Ordeal!


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Chicago Fire Pamphlet, The Doomed City! Chicago During an Appalling Ordeal! Featuring a fold out map of The Burnt District.

This pamphlet was issued on October 18th, a week after the flames had stopped. It tells the history of the Great Chicago Fire. Topics include businesses and buildings destroyed, losses suffered,  and charitable donations listed by city. Additionally, there are official proclamations from Mayor R. B. Mason and Gen. Phil Sheridan who summoned troops from Omaha to keep order. Also includes ads for Detroit businesses inside covers, with full-page ad on back for fire-and-burglar-proof safes.

There are some great stories included; of note is a discussion between a hotelier and Philip Sheridan. Sheridan was incensed over the exorbitant price of the hotel’s rooms after the fire. The charge was $10 a day. Sheridan thought it should be $2.50.  Apparently “the Chicago way” was in full force after the fire for the hotel was charging $2.50 per room the next day!

As military commander of the Great Plains, Sheridan was headquartered in Chicago at the time of the great fire. As the flames retreated, he summoned Army troops to protect the stricken city from looters. Criticized for his military-like stance,  he was proud that little violence took place on his watch. The city rewarded him handsomely for his efforts. One of the city’s longest roads is named after him. At the beginning of Sheridan Road is a Gutzon Borglum statue of him astride his horse, too.

Written by “A Journalist” this pamphlet is widely believed to be the work of C.H. Macintosh.

Chamois color, with edge chipping, water staining throughout (the irony!), minor soiling, rebound, back wrap replaced with modern paper. Tough to find in any condition.

(Macintosh C.H.) THE DOOMED CITY CHICAGO DURING AN APPALLING ORDEAL! THE FIRE DEMON’S CARNIVAL. Detroit: (1871), 1st ed., maps. Eberstadt 134:309

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