Civil War Ambulance Guidon


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A Civil War Ambulance Gudion, housed in a conservation shadow box.

On January 4, 1864, the U.S. War Department issued General Order No. 9, establishing a formal system of flags and guidons for the medical service.

Military hospitals and ambulances flew flags to show their function. They served as markers for those who needed them and to ward off hostile fire.¬†These Guidons were attached to ambulances, but were also used to mark the way toward a field hospital. Both general and field hospitals flew a large yellow flag with a green “H” in the center.

This guidon bears a tag with “1865” stamped on it; it also includes two brown ties.

Professionally housed in a conservation shadow box-as such tough to photograph. This is much nicer in person. Very good, with some loss at extremities.

Unusually Scarce!

Civil War Guidon. Cotton, Guidon is 26″ x 14″, Overall size is 31″ x 21″.¬†