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Constance Sullivan, Landscapes of the Civil War, 1st ed

Vivid Photographic History

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Constance Sullivan’s Landscapes of the Civil War brings to life extraordinary photographic details of Civil War Photographs.

Reproduced from originals discovered in the attic of the Medford Historical Society in Massachusetts, Sullivan edited the volume, and got important historical input from the likes of Mark E, Neely, Jr., William F. Stapp, and Brian Pohanka.

Many of the photographs are reproduced at their actual size; all are beautifully printed from triton separations and made from vintage albumen prints. An important discovery, and a wonderful gift.

Very good; dust jacket.

Constance Sullivan, editor, with Mark Neely, Jr., William F. Stapp, & Brian Pohanka. Landscapes of the Civil War: Newly Discovered Photographs From the Medford Historical Society. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1995. 1st edition, 145p. illustrated. Category: Extra Value Books Tags:  $40.00 ISBN

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