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Daniel Gray, Lincoln Bust

A “Gettysburg” Lincoln; Complete with Iconic Hat


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Daniel Gray’s Lincoln Bust, prominently featuring Lincoln’s iconic top hat.

A lovely rendition of Lincoln, the image taken after the full-face “Gettysburg” image.

Since his childhood, Daniel Gray has had a deep interest in Art and American History. His work is on display in museums, art galleries and private collections nationwide. Many important Lincoln scholars appreciate his work, including Dr. Mark Neely, Frank and Virginia Williams, and The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection. He often credits the success of his accomplished Lincoln renderings to his passion for Lincoln’s character.

A bit wobbly at base, else fine; a handsome display piece!

Gray, Daniel P. (Sculptor)  Lincoln Bust with Hat.  Ohio:  circa 1980s.  Produced in the “lost wax” method. 7” H x 3-1/2” W., on wood base.