David B. Williamson, Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, Campaign Biography


Williamson’s 1864 Campaign Biography – Uncommon in Excellent Condition!

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Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, by David Williamson is a fine example of the 19th century’s campaign biographies. One way that 19th-century voters could “meet” their political party’s presidential candidate was by reading candidate biographies written and published expressly for the presidential campaign. These biographies were frequently issued as pamphlets bound in paper wrappers and sold for as little as twenty-five cents. Most included a woodcut or engraving of the candidate, either on the cover or opposite the title page.

This 1864 Lincoln campaign biography is uncommon in excellent condition. (Recently sold with the post-assassination edition of this pamphlet, one of which was in only “good” condition and the other in “fair”  condition — two for an insane price of $6,850!)

(Williamson, David Brainerd)  LIFE AND PUBLIC SERVICES OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Philadelphia: T.B. Peterson & Brothers, (1864). 1st.; (4), 17-187, 17, (2) pages.  5.25″ x 7.5″.  (M-366)   Frontispiece; publisher’s catalog and adverts; original patterned brown cloth boards with gilt-stamped spine and blind-stamped boards.