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David McCullough, 1776, 1st ed.

From the Pen of an American Master

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In 1776, David McCullough, twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize, writes a book certain to be another landmark in the literature of American history. This is the story of two Georges: King George III of England and George Washington, the tall Virginian who led the ragtag American army, each man a patriot in his way, each with his own strengths and limitations.

It is the story of the extraordinary young Yankee general, Nathanael Greene, and the aristocratic British commander, William Howe, of men in the ranks, soldiers’ wives, camp-followers plain and fancy, and innocent bystanders.

Drawn from voluminous correspondence and more than 50 diaries, the narrative begins with the Siege of Boston, an American triumph no one expected, then moves on to the calamitous American defeat at Brooklyn, the bitter retreat across New Jersey, to the surprise victory at Trenton, one of the most unexpected, important turnabouts in history.

This is the story of the nation’s tumultuous beginning, and of those who, at great sacrifice, fought for what we assume to be our rightful heritage and precious ideals. 1776 is a powerful testimony to how much is owed to a rare few in that brave founding era, and what a miracle it was that things turned out as they did.

As new in dust jacket.

McCullough, David. 1776. New York: (2005). 1st edition, 656p., illustrated, illustrated end pages.