Don Higginbotham The War of American Independence


Solid Military History of the American Revolution

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Don Higginbotham’s Military Attitudes, Policies, and Practice, 1763-1789 added an important volume to the influential series MacMillan Wars of the United States series, edited by Louis Morton.

The book is as much an examination of military policy and attitudes toward war than an exercise in battles and campaigns. The American Revolution was an upheaval of profound significance: A people’s war for political independence and the first successful struggle to sever an imperial relationship in modern times. Though it helped shake human society to its very foundations, the Revolution, cast against a background of the American Colonial experience, was a manifestation of continuity as well as change. This book brings a fresh and unorthodox insight to examination of that phenomenon.

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Higginbotham, Don. The War of American Independence: Military Attitudes, Policies, and Practice, 1763-1789. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1971. 1st edition, 509p., illustrated, maps.