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Edward G. Longacre, General John Buford: A Military Biography

A Hero of Gettysburg!


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Edward Longacre’s General John Buford: A Military Biography,  gives us the best biography of a celebrated, but little-known Union cavalry hero.

The film Gettysburg, and actor Sam Elliott, introduced the general public to Union cavalry leader John Buford and his key role on the first day of the battle.

No full-length biography of the general had ever been written until after the movie came out. Edward Longacre, expert on Civil War cavalry, filled out the picture with this fine, concise, work by combing family records, West Point cadet files, and the National Archives.

John Buford showed himself to be a born cavalryman during his cadet years at West Point. Upon graduation, he was commissioned into the First United States Dragoons, a unit that combined horsemanship with dismounted tactics. This training helped him create the crack brigade of Union horse that delayed the Confederates west of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.

Unfortunately, Buford died in December of 1863, and left behind very little material that a traditional biographer could use to tell his story. Longacre has overcome that adversity by combing archives and records for crucial information to create this fine military biography.

Near Fine condition with dust jacket.

Longacre, Edward G. General John Buford: A Military Biography. Pennsylvania: Combined Books, 1995. 312p., frontispiece, illustrations, maps. $40.00 SKU 002680 ON HAND: 1 Category: Civil War, Take a Break With History Reads. Tags. Gettysburg, John Buford, Cavalry, Union Cavalry, Biography.

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