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Elizabeth Custer, Tenting on the Plains, 2nd Ed.

An Adoring, but Revealing,
Look at Yellowhair, by his Widow


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Custer, Elizabeth B.  TENTING ON THE PLAINS, OR GENERAL CUSTER IN KANSAS AND TEXAS.  New York: 1889.  2nd ed., 702p., ft., illus. maps, illus. cov.  [Luther High Spot #5] 

Perhaps General Custer’s most fervent defender, Elizabeth, “Libbie” Custer wrote this book as part of a trilogy of autobiographical works focusing heavily on her husband. In Tenting on the Plains, which has been credited with “adding greatly to the Custer legend,” Elizabeth Custer described “their marriage and experiences in the Civil War and subsequent Indian campaigns.”

in the first edition cover design, with crossed guidons on the front cover, and sword on the spine; with twenty eight black and white illustrations, several by Frederick Remington.

Bds. lt. scuff. w/ edgewear, but bright; hngs. shaken; else v.g.