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Elizabeth Dixon, Pass to the White House Funeral of Abraham Lincoln

A Close and Moving Artifact
of Lincoln's Assassination


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Elizabeth Dixon, wife of James Dixon, U.S. Senator for Connecticut, was a Washington friend of Mary Lincoln. Elizabeth was summoned to Mary’s side at Peterson House, the night Lincoln was shot. Her home was nearby the Wm. Seward home. Seward had just been attacked by conspirator Lewis Powell.

Family tradition is that Mrs. Dixon did not attend the Lincoln’s funeral in Washington, but stayed upstairs with a deeply grieved Mary Lincoln.

Additionally, Mrs. Dixon helped Mary find a suitable place to live while moving from the Executive Mansion. Mary Lincoln refused to sleep in rooms where her husband and dead child Willie had been.

Artist Alonzo Chappel’s painting, The Last Hours of Abraham Lincoln, shows Dixon sitting on a chair next to the dying President’s bed, with Mary weeping beside it. Mrs. Dixon’s sister and her daughter are also pictured in the painting. Additional Inclusions are: a copy of WHITE HOUSE HISTORY (issue 33) that includes Mrs. Dixon’s diary; a biography of James Dixon; and a later picture of Mrs. Dixon with copies of news articles in which she reported on her activities that terrible night and the weeks that followed.

Excellent condition.

Dixon, Elizabeth Lord Cogswell (1819 – 1871; friend of Mary Lincoln) PASS TO THE WHITE HOUSE FUNERAL OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN: “EAST. / ADMIT THE BEARER TO THE / EXECUTIVE MANSION, / ON WEDNESDAY, THE / 19TH OF APRIL 1865.” Mourning border; 5 x 3-3/16 inches; on card stock. WITH: Her calling card, “Mrs. James Dixon”.  

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