Eugene Pieter Romayn Feldman, Black Power in Old Alabama


The Life and Times of James T. Rapier

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Feldman’s Black Power in Old Alabama is the story of Alabama Congressman, James T. Rapier. Rapier, born during slavery days in Florence, Alabama, was not only Reconstruction-era congressman, buta labor, organizer, and newspaper editor, too. 

A fascinating life that puts the lie to so many old myths about African American politicians during Reconstruction.


Feldman, Eugene Pieter Romayn.  BLACK POWER IN OLD ALABAMA: THE LIFE AND STIRRING TIMES OF JAMES T. RAPIER, AFRO-AMERICAN CONGRESSMAN FROM ALABAMA, 1839-1883.  (Chicago): (1968).  1st ed., 69(7)p., illus. by Margaret T. Burroughs and Jennie Washington, map, facsims