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Franklin D. Roosevelt, Typed Letter, Signed

FDR as Secretary of the Navy


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Offering a Franklin D. Roosevelt typed letter, signed.

Writing on stationery of “The Assistant Secretary of the Navy” FDR writes in full, “It was fine of you to telegraph me.  The thought and enthusiasm of my old friends is the most inspiring thing that comes to me, and I appreciate it deeply.”

Roosevelt had just received the Democratic nomination for vice president at the San Francisco convention as the running mate of James M. Cox, for which he was subsequently defeated and he returned to his New York las practice with the firm of Emmet, Marvin and Roosevelt.  He was to be stricken with infantile paralysis in just over a year later.

An excellent example written during one of the happiest times of his life as Asst. Sec. of the Navy and a rising star in the Democratic Party.

A strong, clear signature; a light mark around the edges from prior matting; a small stain at the top edge.

Roosevelt, Frank D. Typed Letter, signed “Franklin D. Roosevelt.” Washington:  21 July 1920.  4to.; 1p.  To William Kent Esq. 

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