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George McClellan, Autograph Field Note, Signed

McClellan Writes William Rosecrans, Shortly After Ft. Sumter


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General George McClellan, pens and signs a field note

Autograph Field Note, signed “G. B. McClellan”.

To:  W(illiam) S(tarke) Rosecrans

Probably written in 1861 less than two weeks after the bombardment on Ft. Sumter, when “Old Rosy” was on the staff of McClellan.  After the latter’s departure to become head of the Union army, Rosecrans drove R. E. Lee out of what then became West Virginia.

Stains from prior gluing does not hinder the readability of the note.

McClellan, George. Autograph Field Note, Signed. N.p.:  “April 27” n.y. 7-3/4 x 2-1/2 inches.



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