George Washington, Chromolithograph by Middleton

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Middleton’s Classic George Washington Print,
Based on the Gilbert Stuart Portrait

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This is a chromolithograph bust portrait of George Washington; produced by E.C. Middleton.

It is based on the portrait of Washington, by Gilbert Stuart. Chromolithography became the most successful of several methods of color printing developed by the 19th century. Often called “poor man’s oils,” The initial technique involved the use of multiple lithographic stones, one for each color. Although much less expensive than a painting, it still rather expensive when done for the best quality results. The growing middle class, as well as a strong connection to American History, fueled the nation’s desire for for decorative and commemorative objects.

Excellent condition. The item we are selling is the same print; except for frame. The photo below is the frame that houses this print.

Washington, George. Chromolithograph E. C. Middleton, 1866. oval, 22″ x 20″ (sight); in ornate, contemporary gold gilt frame.