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George Washington, Document Signed, 3 Language Ship’s Passport

George Washington Signs a Ship’s Passport


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George Washington signs a document, being a Three-Language Ship’s Passport. This document gives permission to “John Hall, master or commander of the ship called Dolphin lying at present at the Port of Philadelphia bound for St. Bartholomew and laden with Sundries of Manifest to depart and proceed with this said Ship on his said voyage, such Ship having been visited, and the said John Hall having made oath before the proper officer that the said Ship belongs to one or more of the citizens of the United States of America, and to them only.”   A Notary attests to the accuracy.

In the early days of the American republic, ships leaving US ports for foreign shores were required to have passports, and both the President and Secretary of State frequently signed these documents.  The languages are English, French, and Dutch; Spanish was soon added under John Adams.

Very good with large bold signatures.  Usual folds, partial separation, and small intersect holes; but stable with overall toning; vertical fold goes through both signatures.  Framed but unopened.

WASHINGTON, George. Partly printed document signed (“Geo Washington”), as President, countersigned by Edmund Randolph as Secretary of State, 3 September 1795. Folio; 1 page, 12-1/2 x 15 in. (sight), accomplished in manuscript, paper seal.