Gordon Rhea, To The North Anna River, 1st ed., Signed


Rhea’s To The North Anna River
Volume 3 in his Overland Series!

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Gordon Rhea’s To The North Anna River is the third book in Rhea’s magnificent Overland Campaign series.

Rhea resumes his spectacular narrative of the initial campaign between Grant and Lee in the spring of 1864. May 13 through 25th was critical in the clash between North and South. During those 13 days – an interlude bracketed by horrific battles that riveted the public’s attention – a game of guile and endurance between Grant and Lee escalated into a suspenseful draw on Virginia’s North Anna River.

Near Fine; dust jacket; signed.

Rhea, Gordon C. TO THE NORTH ANNA RIVER: GRANT AND LEE, MAY 13-25 1864. Baton Rouge: (2000). 1st ed., 505p., illus., maps.