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Henry Gugler, Abraham Lincoln Lithograph

The Largest Lincoln Print
of the Era…





Henry Gugler’s Abraham Lincoln Lithograph; the largest Lincoln print of the era.

Shortly after Lincoln’s assassination, many artists sought to commemorate the fallen President with paintings, statues and other forms of portraiture.

John H. Littlefield, a campaign worker for Lincoln during the election of 1860, commissioned Gugler, then a vignette engraver for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, to create an engraving from which prints could be created and sold. After two years of labor, the largest life-size engraving of our sixteenth president was produced. The image on the two-by-three foot steel plate, and the prints made from it, capture the distinguished look of one of our nation’s most cherished leaders.

The work was a career achievement for Gugler, who went on to form one of Milwaukee’s largest printing houses, Gugler Lithographic Company in 1878. Milwaukee is still very proud of her native son; retaining the original plate at the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

Margins are very closely trimmed with minor edge wear and minor edge chipping, backed and mylar wrapped. (Photographed through mylar).

Gugler, Henry. Abraham Lincoln Lithograph, 1869, 29″ x 23″ (approx) unframed.