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Harold Holzer, The Civil War in 50 Objects, 1st ed.

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Lincoln scholar, Harold Holzer’s The Civil War in 50 Objects, shares a new look oon the war by examining fifty objects from the New-York Historical Society’s acclaimed collection.

From a soldier’s diary with the pencil still attached to John Brown’s pike, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the leaves from Abraham Lincoln’s bier, a daguerreotype of an elderly, dignified ex-slave; a soldier’s footlocker still packed with its contents; Grant’s handwritten terms of surrender at Appomattox—the stories these objects tell are rich, poignant, sometimes painful, and always fascinating.

They illuminate the conflict from all perspectives—Union and Confederate, military and civilian, black and white, male and female—and give readers a deeply human sense of the war.

Pulitzer Prize winner, Eric Foner, writes the introduction. This book has more than eighty photographs.

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Holzer, Harold. The Civil War in 50 Objects. NY: 2013. 408p., illus, d.j. Signed on bookplate.

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