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Irving Brant, James Madison, 6 volume Biography, 1st Eds.

THE Gold Standard for Presidential Biography


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Irving Brant’s six-volume, James Madison (published 1941-1961). Over twenty years publishing, including first edition volumes! James Madison is a distinguished work by an eminent historian, that is highly readable and with impeccable scholarship. This remains the definitive and classic portrait of Madison, the Father of our Constitution.

Volume I: James Madison The Virginia Revolutionist (1941) first edition not stated. Covers Madison’s life from 1751-1780.

Volume II: James Madison The Nationalist, 1780-1787 (1948) stated first edition. Madison’s career up until the Constitutional Convention.

Volume III: James Madison Father of the Constitution, 1787-1800 (1950) stated first edition. This volume has always been particularly difficult to obtain in first edition. A key to compiling a true first edition set.

Volume IV: James Madison Secretary of State, 1800-1809 (1953) stated first edition. Madison’s work as Thomas Jefferson’s chief diplomat.

Volume V: James Madison The President, 1809-1812 (1956) first edition not stated. The story of Madison’s first term in the presidency. This volume never had a statement of printing.

Volume VI: James Madison Commander in Chief, 1812-1836 (1961) stated first edition. The story of “Mr. Madison’s War,” and his life as an elder statesman.

This magnificent set is the product of over twenty years writing and publishing by Brant and The Bobbs-Merrill Company. Since the books were issued as they were written, full sets of first editions in dust jackets are exceedingly scarce.

Brant, Irving. JAMES MADISON. Indianapolis: Bobb-Merrill, 1941-1961. First editions, six volumes, frontispieces, illustrations. All volumes in very good condition with dust jackets, Vols 2 & 5 have price clipped dj.

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