James Buchanan, Party-Printed Document, Accomplished in Holograph


Buchanan Authorizes a Sac & Fox Treaty


Buchanan signs an authorization for the Sec. of State to “affix the Seal of the United States to the Treaty…[with] the confederated Tribes of the Sac & Foxes of the Mississippi dated yesterday…”

Probably best known for their feckless Black Hawk “War” of 1832, the Sac and Fox were removed to the far west during the following decades; this document may relate to a small band of Fox who chose to return and settle in Iowa during the 1850’s.

Archivally matted with in a silvered wood frame. Also includes a carte-de-visite of an 1860’s-era Sac and Fox Indian delegation showing seven men, six in native costume, one in a suit. The suit is interesting to note as Black Hawk strongly discouraged white dress for his followers.

Buchanan, James Partly Printed Document (accomplished in holograph), Signed while President. Washington, D.C.: 10 July 1860. 7 x 7.5 in. (sight). Plexiglas; 14 x 17.5 in.