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James Buchanan, Party-Printed Document, Accomplished in Holograph

Buchanan Authorizes a Sac & Fox Treaty


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Buchanan signs an authorization for the Sec. of State to “affix the Seal of the United States to the Treaty…[with] the confederated Tribes of the Sac & Foxes of the Mississippi dated yesterday…”

Probably best known for their feckless Black Hawk “war” of 1832, the Sac and Fox were removed to the far west during the following decades; this document may relate to a small band of Fox who chose to return and settle in Iowa during the 1850’s.

Archivally matted with in a silvered wood frame. Also includes a carte-de-visite of an 1860’s-era Sac and Fox Indian delegation showing seven men, six in native costume, one in a suit. The suit is an interesting to note as Black Hawk strongly discouraged white dress for his followers.

Buchanan, James Partly Printed Document (accomplished in holograph), Signed while President. Washington, D.C.: 10 July 1860. 7 x 7.5 in. (sight). Plexiglas; 14 x 17.5 in.