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James Garfield, Autograph Letter, Signed

“I Have Fought the Wild Beasts of Repudiation”


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 James Garfield writes and signs a letter to journalist Henry Villard.

Probably writing in reaction to his eighth term as an Ohio Congressman, in full: “I shall try to be with you on that occasion if possible.  I have fought the wild beasts of Repudiation in Ohio, and the West, and we have had a splendid triumph.  I am much gratified at your kind remembrance of my work.  I take the liberty of sending you a few speeches (not present) which you may care to look at some time. Sorry I did not need you in Europe.  / Truly Yours / Ja. Garfield”. 

Henry Villard, of the New York Tribune, had once described Garfield as the very picture of “a distinguished personage;” being “…well formed…strong featured…and a most pleasing smile.

Garfield, James . Autograph Letter, signed “Ja Garfield”.  No place:  No date (c1869).  To (Henry) Villard.  8vo.; 1p.