James Mellon, The Face of Lincoln, 1st Ed.


THE Classic Study of The Face of Lincoln

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James Mellon’s The Face of Lincoln, the original 1st edition from 1979 is wonderful collection of portrait photographs, all of high quality, augmented by Lincoln’s own writings and those of men who knew him. 

This superbly produced book gives us a glimpse of the many faces of Abraham Lincoln.  From Springfield, IL attorney to the last photo taken a few weeks before his assassination, this oversized volume is one of the finest photographic books ever published about Abraham Lincoln. Each image is extensively documented; facing pages include the text from an important document or a letter written around the time of the photographs creation.

James Mellon has had a lifelong interest in antique photography and in the life and writings of Abraham Lincoln. Merging the two interests, Mellon spent several years doing the research for this book, tracking down rare photographs and arranging them in a way that would reflect the inner Lincoln as well as his outward appearance.

Prized by collectors, this is the large and handsomely produced first edition. We have four copies of this title; each has a protective mylar cover.

The books have overall edgewear, Minor spine chipping and creasing, rubbing, else v.g.

Mellon, James. The Face of Lincoln. NY: 1979. 201p. 1st ed., photos. 15″ x 11 1/2″.