John Adams, Manuscript Document, Signed, A Receipt


Father, Son, and Grandson on one Manuscript!

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89-year-old John Adams receives a $250 quarterly payment from his son, President-Elect John Quincy Adams via his grandson, George Washington Adams, who writes out this document. 

In full: 

“Received of George Washington Adams Agent for John Quincy Adams two hundred and fifty dollars for the quarter ending on the 12th instant.”

John Adams was nearly blind in his later years, yet hi signature is large and quite bold.  The elder Adams died on July 4th in the following year. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day in 1826.  James Monroe also died on July 4th, in 1831.

Adams, John. Manuscript Document (Receipt), signed “J. Adams” in an aged hand.  Quincy, (Mass):  22 February 1825.  Oblong, 8vo.; 1p.; inlaid.