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John Adams, Signature on Clipped Legal Document

John Adams as Member of the
Massachusetts’ Legislature 


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John Adams Signature clipped from a Manuscript Legal Document.

An interesting combination, as Adams was a rebel and Quincy a Loyalist.

At the time, Adams was a member of the Massachusetts legislature, becoming delegate to the First Continental Congress the following year.  Meanwhile, Quincy was the Solicitor General for the colony, appointed as special prosecutor for the trials.  

Showthrough reveals a partially printed document accomplished in manuscript (not by Adams).  A small but clean and careful ink signature.

Adams, John Clipped Manuscript Legal Document, delicately signed “J. Adams”.  Also signed by opposing counsel Sam(uel) S. Quincy.  Handsomely matted with a contemporary engraving.  [Boston:  1773 revealed on the verso]. 5-1/8 x 3-1/8 sight.