John Hallum, Reminiscences of the Civil War, Vol 1


Scarce Series of Monographs, as told from the Confederate Perspective


John Hallum’s Reminiscences of the Civil War is a very scarce series of monographs from the Confederate perspective with particular focus on experiences occurring in the west and the Trans-Mississippi areas.

Parochial topics, such as guerrilla warfare in west Tennessee, or the early campaigns in the Indian Territory, gain much attention, adding vivid color to those under-documented areas of interest. This book of war literature contains selections of extraordinary and thrilling incidents, many of great historic value, which have escaped the notice of all the numerous historians who have devoted much time and cumbrous space in writing histories of the great civil war.

The facts upon which this volume is based have in every instance been obtained directly from private soldiers and subordinate officers who served in the various armies of the Confederacy; and in every instance the author has studiously avoided the inclination to romance, which has been the infirmity of many writers, to the great injury of history. Especially has this been the case with military officers in high command in their reports, the great majority of whom magnify their own achievements and minimize those of the enemy.

Weak bind.; lt. fox, rub, wear, and margin notes; else good. Quite scarce!

Hallum, John.  REMINISCENCES OF THE CIVIL WAR, VOLUME I.  Little Rock: 1903.  1st edition, 400p.