John Langellier, Kurt Cox, and Brian Pohanka, eds., Myles Keogh, 2nd Printing


An Uncommon Illustrated Biography of Custer’s Lieutenant!

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John Langellier, Kurt Cox, and Brian Pohanka compiled and edited Myles Keogh, an attractive and scarce biography of the young Irish-born veteran of the Civil War who died with George Armstrong Custer at Little Big Horn.

Volume 9 of the publisher’s Montana and the West Series. Lieutenant Myles Keogh died with his company of the 7th Cavalry after surviving the Civil War and a decade of active service in the Plains Wars. His mount, Comanche, was the only living animal from Custer’s battalion discovered on the Little Big Horn battlefield. This fine illustrated biography includes a full compilation of his life, along with maps, diagrams, and archeological examinations of the field where he fell. All printings of this book are now very scarce!

Near fine in dust jacket. Ephemeral reproduction photo of Keogh included.

Langellier, John P., Cox, Kurt Hamilton, and Brian C. Pohanka, eds.. MYLES KEOGH. El Segundo, CA: Upton and Sons, 1998. 2nd printing, 206p., frontispiece, illustrations., maps, diagrams.