John S. Mosby, Autograph Letter, Signed


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John S. Mosby writes  letter seeking legal assistance.

A fascinating pre-war letter written, signed with his true first name (“John”), which he changed during the war and after to “Jno.”

Mosby had most likely taken in two indentured young sons of a friend and complains that he has not received any compensation for their “board, tuition, books, etc.”  He evidently writes to another lawyer to take on this task against the estate of their father.

Autographs before the war are quite uncommon, unlike those after the war period.  Written in a bold, dark ink.

Mosby, John S. Autograph Letter, signed “John S. Mosby” Brighton, [VA]:  1 April   1838 To: Wm. T. Marti Esqr. Quarto (4to.); 2 pages.