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Joseph Barnes, Autograph on Printed Document

The Attending Physician at Lincoln’s Bedside


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Dr. Joseph Barnes Autograph on a Printed Document.

A scarce Barnes signed war-era document, being an appointment to Sergeant of Richard Merrill, 89th Company, Second Battalion of the Veteran Reserve Corps.   A “regimental” document, upgraded to “Battalion” by hand.

Barnes was an attending surgeon for two assassinated presidents, attending the deathbed of Lincoln and serving for weeks in the chamber of the dying Garfield.  He also ministered and helped restore William Seward, Secretary of State. 

For such an accomplished medical officer, Barnes is a difficult autograph to find, and especially on a document such as this.

Overall browned; folds; water staining.  Barnes’ signature stands out boldly and the other ink writing is distinct and readable.   $1,750.00

Barnes, Joseph K.  (Surgeon General, U.S.A.)  Partially Printed Document, signed “J. K. Barnes.”  Washington:  6 July 1865.  Oblong folio; 1p.   Counter-signed by Col. J. Simpson as Medical Director.