Ken Burns, The Civil War, 1st ed, 1st printing, Signed on Bookplate


Companion to a Masterpiece!



The Civil War: An Illustrated History is the companion volume to Ken Burn’s masterpiece documentary, written by Geoffrey War with Ric & Jen Burns.

Burns 1990 film was a cultural phenomenon that inspired people to study the Civil War – along with the film Roots, the novel The Killer Angels, and the writings of Bruce Catton did for previous generations. The writing of the book is as vivid and passionate as the readings in the film. The illustrations and maps are brilliantly rendered in this beautiful large-format publication.

Very good.

Ward, Geoffrey C. with Burns, Ric & Burns, Ken. THE CIVIL WAR: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1990. 1st ed, 1st Printing, 425(i)p., frontispiece, illustrated, dust jacket; with bookplate signed by Ken Burns.

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