Lincoln Funeral, Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt & Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr. Twenty Days


Classic Illustrated History of Lincoln’s Funeral

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Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt and Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr. produced Twenty Days 100 years after Lincoln’s Assassination and Funerals. Created from their family collection, this book has hooked students of Lincoln for over fifty years.

With 300 illustrations, tells book the moving story of twenty fateful days in America’s history: from the night of April 14, 1865, when Abraham Lincoln was shot, to the afternoon of his burial in Springfield. This is a truly great book, one at least partially responsible for the creation of many Civil War enthusiasts (this cataloger included).

Lightly torn dust jacket; usual wear; else very good.

Kunhardt, Dorothy Meserve, and Kunhardt, Philip B., Jr. TWENTY DAYS. (New York: 1965). 312p., illustrated.

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