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Van Woodward, ed., Mary Chesnut’s Civil War, 3rd Ed.

She Saw It All In Wartime Richmond!


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Van Woodward’s Mary Chesnut’s Civil War is a “vivid picture of a society in the throes of its life-and-death struggle.”

She described the war from within her upper-class circles of Southern planter society, but encompassed all classes in her book. She was married to a lawyer who served as a United States Senator and Confederate officer. Unlike her husband, Mary secretly held anti-slavery views.

Chesnut worked toward a final form of her book in 1881- 1884, based on her extensive diary written during the war years. It was published in 1905, almost 2 decades after her death. It went through several rewrites and edits. This C. Vann Woodward annotated version was released in 1981, winning the Pulitzer Prize  in 1982.

This is the definitive Mary Chesnut. “Greatly gifted in intellect, charm, and independence of mind, Mary Chesnut was also a born writer.” Her journals hold an important place in American Literature as well as American History.

We also have a first edition of Diary of Dixie available.

Very Good; dust jacket.

Chesnut, Mary Boykin. MARY CHESNUT’S CIVIL WAR, edited by C. Vann Woodward. New Haven: 1981. 3rd edition, 886p., illustrations.

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