McClellan Electoral Ticket, National Democratic Ticket, 1864 Election


McClellan & Pendleton, Democratic Candidates in the 1864 Election


George McClellan and George Pendleton Electoral Ticket for Drake County, Ohio.

In 1864, the Democrats were divided into War Democrats and Peace Democrats. Consequently, they sought a strong candidate who could unify the party. They compromised and  nominated pro-war General George B. McClellan for president and anti-war Representative George H. Pendleton for vice-president.

The electoral ticket illustrates that choice; McClellan and Pendleton, for the Office of the President and Vice President, respectively. Listed are the electors at large and the congressional electors.

V.g.+; one small pin hole; very small chip at one corner.

(McClellan Electoral Ticket, 1864) NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC TICKET, DRAKE COUNTY, OHIO.  (Presidential election of 1864 held on Tuesday, November 8, 1864)”¦.  2-½” X 5-½”