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Meade Staff Members, Gettysburg Manuscript Document, Signatures

Many of These Men Served At Gettysburg


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A Manuscript Document, signed by many members of George Meade’s Gettysburg staff.

A petition, stating that as there is “much irregularity in the delivery of the daily papers at these headquarters, it is proposed – with the sanction of the Provost Marshal General – to reinstate Mr. Hazlett, Postmaster, as newspaper agent.  This…will enable officers to get periodicals, four hours earlier, and with more certainty than at present.” 

The first signature on the petition is that of Army of the Potomac Medical Director Jona. Letterman, followed by Gen. Henry J. Hunt (whose artillery repulsed Pickett’s Charge). Other signers include: B.A. Clements, asst. medical director; Capt. Jno. N. Craig; Lt. Chas. T. Bissell; Col. S.F. Barstow; Lt. Chas. Pease (who brought one of Lee’s surrender dispatches to Grant at Appomattox); Capt. George Meade (the general’s son); Lt. J.R. Edie (acting chief of ordnance at Gettsyburg); Maj. (Ben) Ludlow of the 1st Mo. Cav.; Lt. Henry Christiancy (of the 1st Mich.); Lt. Wm. S. Stryker of the Signal Corps; Lt. J.E. Holland (whose signal station operated on Little Round Top on the evening of July 1st); and Capt. L.B. Norton (as “Chf. Signal Officer A[rmy] of P[otomac]” (he set up the signal stations at Gettysburg).

(Gettysburg / Meade’s Staff)  Manuscript Document, signed by numerous members of Gen. George G. Meade’s staff, many of them prominent in the battle of Gettysburg.  N.p., n.d. (c1864).  4to.; 1p.