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Michael Ballard, Pemberton: A Biography, Signed

The Defender of Vicksburg!


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Michael Ballard produced the first modern and reliable study of the deeply unpopular Confederate general who lost Vicksburg in Pemberton: A Biography.

It was the sad fate of General John C. Pemberton (1814-1881), a northerner serving in the Confederate army, to die in disgrace and humiliation. Because he surrendered Vicksburg to General Grant, Confederates considered him a traitor. Because he lost this strategic southern port on the Mississippi river, Pemberton was branded as incompetent.

In this discerning biography, the first to examine Pemberton’s life and career in full scope, Michael Ballard credits Pemberton with military prowess that previous writers have denied him.

Ballard, the late archivist at Mississippi State University, produced much valuable study on the Vicksburg Campaign, and this biography of the Confederate commander is an essential part of any Vicksburg book shelf.

Excellent; dust jacket, signed by the author on bookplate.

Michael B. Ballard. Pemberton: A Biography. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. 1st edition, 250p., illustrated, maps.

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