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New York Tribune, April 4, 1865

“Rebels Leave in Haste” 


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Horace Greeley was the publisher of the New York Tribune, the dominant Whig and Republican Newspaper in America. It’s circulation in New York City was over 200,000. Newspapers across the country picked up stories from the NYT, making it a shaper of opinions nationwide.

This spectacular issue features the headline “VIRGINIA!  Richmond and Petersburg Taken!,” recounting that the “Rebels Leave in Haste.”  The front page displays a large patriotic woodcut of the American eagle sitting on a flag shield; in its claw are arrows, while behind it are twigs of victory laurels, the entire sitting on a cornucopia of the farm bounty of America.  Below is as large a woodcut being a map of “The Field of Operations in Virginia.”  The entire rear page is taken up with a topographical map of Richmond and the 30 miles surrounding the city.  Among the numerous articles inside is one recounting a “Grand Procession of Colored Loyalists” from Charleston, South Carolina.

Excellent; lt. foxing; uncut; usual folds.