Painting of George Washington, Elaborate Frame


Washington, The Elder Statesman

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This oil painting of George Washington is in the manner of Gilbert Stuart. Stuart painted over one hundred portraits of Washington. The one this painting is based on is in The Frick Collection in New York City and was created in in 1795. 

There are some differences between this one and the original, mostly that the background is rendered in various shades of green, and does not have a sliver of landscape around Washington’s right side.

The frame has a Victorian feel. The carvings include images of pomegranates. oak leaves, apples, grapes and pumpkins. All are Victorian symbols having to do with a long life, Christ, and the seasons of our lives. There is also a diminutive and charming little dove at the upper right, symbolizing peace, hope, and faith.

This is a beautifully crafted painting, by an artist (perhaps itinerant) with some talent and education. The textiles are especially lush and well-rendered; Washington’s face has a radiance about it, too. 

Very good++, could perhaps be restretched. 

(Unknown Artist) Painting of George Washington in the manner of Gilbert Stuart, in ornate, gilted, oval frame, bearing carvings related to Victorian iconography. 36″ x 27″ (sight). 

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