Pamela Toler, Women Warriors, 1st ed., Signed


Fierce Long Before Beyonce Was Fierce

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With Women Warriors: An Unexpected History, Pamela Toler introduces us to women who took up arms, for a variety of reasons.

The woman warrior is always cast as an anomaly, Joan of Arc, not GI Jane. But women, it turns out, have always gone to war. In this fascinating and lively world history, Pamela Toler shows why women fought and what happened when they stepped out of their traditional female roles to take on other identities. These are the stories of women who fought because they wanted to, because they had to, or because they could.  The histories span from ancient times through the 20th century.

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Toler, Pamela. Women Warriors: An Unexpected History. Boston: 2019, 240p., illus.