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Salmon P. Chase, Autograph Letter Signature


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Samuel P. Chase Autograph Letter, Signed.

Written at the time he was allied with Lincoln against the Kansas-Nebraska Act; indeed in the next year Chase supported Lincoln in his attempt against Stephen Douglas to become a U. S. Senator from Illinois.

This letter, written to a friend (“Miss Goldsborough”), advises as to a will regarding her father – a family friend it seems.  Though giving some advice as to content and language, he writes that he “would cheerfully comply with your request to put your answer to the will in proper form if I could do so with any certainty of doing it properly.  But I know nothing of practice & pleading in Maryland and should make a bad show if I attempted to draft an answer to hand in a Maryland Court.” It seems asking lawyers for free work has a long history in America!

Chase began as a Whig, but in 1841 entered the Free Soil Party, a radical party in which he was a conservative – though a vociferous anti slavery leader in the U. S. Senate.

In 1857 he became Governor of Ohio, but as a Republican – a moderate party in which he was now a radical!

Excellent; clear, dark ink; removable mounting tissue on extreme margins of first page only; usual fold marks.

Chase, Salmon P. (1808-1873; Sec. of Treas. under Lincoln; Sup. Crt. Justice)  Autograph Letter, signed “S. P. Chase”.  Columbus (OH):  26 November 1857.  Octavo; 4 fulsome pages.