Samuel Arnold, Defence and Prison Experiences of a Lincoln Conspirator, Ltd Ed.


The Inside Story of Booth’s Infamous Plot!

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Samuel Bland Arnold gave two public statements on his role in John Wilkes Booth’s plot against President Lincoln, and these were printed together for the first time in Defense and Prison Experiences of a Lincoln Conspirator in 1943.

The story of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination has fascinated the American public for more than 150 years. But while many authors have examined the Booth conspiracy, none could even approach the knowledge and insight of Samuel Arnold. Sam Arnold had seen the plot from the inside. An original member of Booth’s conspiracy, Arnold had withdrawn from the plot only three weeks before the President’s assassination.

Captured, tried, and sentenced to life at hard labor at the infamous Dry Tortugas, Sam Arnold survived to tell his remarkable story in a vivid and compelling style. His intimate glances at Booth’s inner circle and his harrowing tales of prison life make this an essential book on the subject.

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Arnold, Samuel Bland. DEFENCE AND PRISON EXPERIENCES OF A LINCOLN CONSPIRATOR: STATEMENTS AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTES. Hattiesburg, Miss.: The Book Farm, 1943. Limited edition of 199 copies. 133p.