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Shelby Foote’s Shiloh, Signed, Easton Press Edition

Foote’s Masterpiece of Civil War Fiction!


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Shelby Foote’s Shiloh: A Novel is a classic fictional counterpoint to his three-volume narrative.

Foote combed through the primary sources of the battle to create his characters out of flesh and blood men. Shiloh, perhaps more than any other Civil War battle, lends itself to expression in fiction, song, and poetry.

Shelby Foote’s novel, presented here in a signed special edition from Easton Press, is a must-have for any Shiloh bookcase.

Near fine condition. Signed on tip-in page.

Foote, Shelby. SHILOH: A NOVEL. Norwalk, Conn.: The Easton Press, 2012. 1st edition thus, 226p., maps, all leather, gilt lettering, all edge gilt, faux raised spine, signed tip-in page.

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