Susa Young & Leah D. Widtsoe, The Life Story of Brigham Young, 1st ed


Brigham Young as Seen by His Daughter



Susa Young & Leah D. Widtsoe’s The Life Story of Brigham Young tells the story of  the famous Mormon leader.

Susa Young was a daughter of Brigham Young and his twenty-second wife, Lucy Bigelow. Leah Widsoe was a prominent figure in educating Mormon women, as well as Susa’s daughter. 

Very good; chipped dust jacket with some loss.A scarce book, and quite unusual in dust jacket!

Gates, Susa Young & Widtsoe, Leah D. THE LIFE STORY OF BRIGHAM YOUNG. NY: 1930. 1st edition, frontispiece, illustrations, illustrated end pages.