Theodore Roosevelt, Bronze Bust as Rough Rider, James Earl Frazer


TR as Rough Rider



Theodore Roosevelt bronze bust; TR’s kerchief and epaulettes are reminiscent of his Rough Rider uniform.

Sculpted by James Earle Fraser, an assistant to Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Fraser designed the Buffalo nickel and his End of the Trail (1915), an image of an exhausted Indian hunched over his tired horse, is one of the most recognized sculptures of the American West.

He was commissioned to create sculptures for the Supreme Court, the National Archives, Treasury Department (Alexander Hamilton and Albert Gallatin), and Department of Commerce buildings. He is also known for his  historical, presidential, and military portraits. 

In 1951, he received the gold medal for sculpture from the National Institute and American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Handsome full bronze in the desirable “lost wax” method.

Fraser, James Earle. Bronze Bust of T.R. in a  Rough Rider outfit, Signed.  NY:  Roman Bronze Works. (copyright slug; circa 1924).  9″ x 10″ x 7-1/2″ on 2-1/2″ wooden stand.