Thomas Jefferson & James Madison, Signed Land Grant


Signed by Both the Third and Fourth U.S. President

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A land grant signed by Thomas Jefferson (as President) and James Madison (as Secretary of State).

William Milhous assigned of Horton Howard at Steubenville pertaining to lands “in the Territory north-west of the Ohio, and above the mouth of Kentucky river.” 

Jefferson’s signature is strong, though it shows his usual beading on such documents, while Madison’s signature is bold. 

Usual folds with only one small hole in one; some age staining; upper corners slightly crinkled; one small, interesting, and unusual area where the parchment is quite thin exhibiting the lower layer of the skin.

Jefferson, Thomas & Madison, James. Partly Printed Vellum Document, signed by Jefferson as President and Madison as Secretary of State.  Washington: 22 December 1808.   Oblong, folio; 1p.; intact seal.