U. S. Grant Lithograph, Grant From West Point to Appomattox


Brilliantly Realized Lithograph



Grant From West Point to Appomattox is among the finest lithographs created by famed Swedish-born illustrator Thure de Thulstrup for L. Prang & Company of Boston.

Thulstrup was an illustrator of the late 19th Century, famed for his military scenes of the Civil War. He worked for Harper’s Weekly among other publications. This lithograph features nine vignettes from Grant’s Life, some after other famous illustrations. Scenes include (clockwise)
1. Graduated at West Point
2. In the Tower of Chapultepec, 1847
3. Drilling his Volunteers
4. Fort Donelson, 1862
5. The Battle of Shiloh, 1862
6. The Siege of Vicksburg, 1863
7. The Battle of Chattanooga, 1863
8. Commander in Chief, 1864
9. The Surrender of General Lee, 1865.
The scenes are arranged around a brilliantly colored portrait of Grant in his Lieutenant General’s uniform dated 1865, and signed “Thulstrup.” The colored and bordered portrait is deeply colored and has a three-dimensional presentation.

Unusually clean and bright; near fine condition.

Thulstrup, Thue de. GRANT FROM WEST POINT TO APPOMATTOX. Boston: L. Prang & Co., 1885. Lithograph, framed (29″ x 36″, framed. 18″ x 24″ sight).

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