Ulysses Grant, Autograph Letter, Signed


  1. Grant Writes from City Point



Ulysses S. Grant writes and signs a letter on stationery from Head Quarters Armies of the United States.

In full:  ‘Until all is secure here I cannot leave for Wilmington.  It will be Thursday morning at the earliest before I can leave.”

On this day, the Confederate Congress proposed a revival of prisoner of war exchanges and Grant agreed, ending an exchange boycott that had lasted nearly a year.

As well, a Union naval squadron was supporting General Wm T. Sherman’s northward march in Georgia while other warships were ascending the rivers near Sherman to protect the army and to force Confederate to disperse their forces.  Meanwhile, demonstrations continued to be made at Charleston by a strong force of ironclads.

Excellent with strong ink writing; usual folds. 

Grant, Ulysses S.  (Lt. General Union Armies)  Autograph Letter, signed “U. S. Grant / Lt. Gen.”  By “Cipher” on “Head Quarters Armies of the United States” stationery, City Point, Va.:  24 Jan. 1865.  4to.; 1p.  To “Hon. G. V. Fox, Asst. Sec of the Navy.”

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